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The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU)

The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) is operating under the patronage of the IAAF and is dedicated to develop ultradistance running internationally within the IAAF Rules & Regulations. As international governing body for ultradistance running, one of our main objectives is to promote and develop long distance running worldwide by encouraging specific activities in each of the IAAF Continental Areas.


The 100 km is our “flagship” since the IAAF officially sanctions this distance and also ratifies
100 km world records.

The major IAU competitions are :

Member Federations

IAU Membership is available to any National Athletic Federation (IAAF Member) or to a National Ultrarunning Association, recognised by the IAAF Member and authorised by the IAAF Member to become an IAU Member.

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IAU Partnerships

The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) is a partner of various organizations. You find an overview here.

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