IAU Championships

A new round of bidding to hold IAU Championships will be issued in January 2019 for championships upto 2023. If there are any Federations and organisations wishing to consider hosting one the IAU championships in the next years, please look at the table below to see availability. The bidding procedure can be found under the IAU Championships tab here on the IAU website. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be issuing further details in January 2019 with the bidding timetable.


Hilary Walker  (GBR)

Hilary Walker (GBR)

General Secretary


Some infotext for this year, announcements, searching and bidding.

IAU 24H World Championships / France

24 h

  • 24 hours
  • Gold
  • IAU Championship

26 October 2019

RoadAlbiFrance Gold

IAU World Championships / Romania

50 km

  • 50 k
  • Silver
  • IAU Championship

1 September 2019

RoadBrasovRomania Silver

Mountain Trail *BMT / Mongolia

65 km

  • Trail
  • Gold
  • IAU Championship

28 July 2019

TrailBogdkhan Mountain, UlaanbaatarMongolia Gold


IAU Trail World Championships / Portugal

44,6 km

  • Trail
  • Gold
  • IAU Championship

8 June 2019

TrailMiranda do CorvoPortugal Gold


We are happy to announce, that the 100K World Championships take place in Winschoten, Netherlands on 12th september 2020 and the 24 Hours Continental European Championships were run in Verona, Italy on 19th/20th September. For other Championships the bids are still open. For Continental TRAIL Championships we are in discussions with IAAF/ITRA.

IAU 24h Continental Championships / Italy

24 h

  • 24 hours
  • Bronze
  • IAU Championship

19 September 2020

RoadVeronaItaly Bronze

100K IAU World Championships / Netherlands

100,54 km

  • 100 k
  • Silver
  • IAU Championship

12 September 2020

RoadNetherlands Silver


We have no data for races yet. If you are interested to organize a race, write to secretary@iau-ultramarathon.org. We organize continental and world championships.

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